Comp Plan HIA Booklet Summary_Sept 2015BCPM.Comp Plan HIA_Final_8.30.15Our Place Matters Team seeks to educate policy makers and community members on the root causes of poor health, particularly for low-income and minority populations living in Bernalillo County. To this end, the Bernalillo County Place Matters Team and Team Partners have committed to the following projects and initiatives:

Cancer Disparities Report

This study identifies trends in cancer incidence and mortality among low-income and minority populations in Bernalillo County.

Capacity Building Grant

In 2009, the Place Matters Team received a grant from the Health Policy Institute to develop our capacity to: 1) enhance our Albuquerque-Bernalillo County Health Equity Assessment Tool (ABC-HEAT) with additional data, and 2) enable collaborators to use the tool and disseminate findings to community decision makers.

ABC-HEAT provides data on socio-economic status, demographics and health outcomes at the census tract level to provide communities and policy makers with evidence base for policy changes.

  • Please find more information on the ABCHEAT here.

Community Health Equity Report (CHER) September 2012:



Forums provide a constructive way to have community conversations on race and place and their influence on the negative health effects associated with residential segregation.

Health Impact Assessments (HIA)

Just as Environmental Impact Assessments analyze the environmental consequences of policies and development, Health Impact Assessments examine the effects of policy on human health. Our Place Matters Team provides Health Impact Assessment training and is implementing Health Impact Assessments for Mountain View and the International District.