Policy Initiatives

The Bernalillo County Place Matters Team works with its partners to create positive social changes by advocating for policies that improve the health of Bernalillo County communities.  Policy efforts are evidence-based and informed by the successes demonstrated in other communities located throughout the country.

Consolidated Environmental Review Act (CERA)

This proposed state law would require environmental agencies to conduct environmental assessments as part of the permitting process.  Sponsored in 2009 by Representative Gail Chasey.

Health Reporting Act

This proposed state law would provide health impact reports for proposed legislation that may affect the health of communities.  Sponsored in 2010 by Senator Tim Keller.

International District Sector Plan

This proposed land-use plan affects the International District located in Southeast Albuquerque, New Mexico


NM Senate Memorial 33 (2012 Legislative Session)

A Memorial Encouraging Every State Agency And Entity That Receives State Funding To Adopt A Policy To Address Institutional Racism