Albuquerque Farmers Markets



Farmers Markets Benefits:


  • You can ask your farmer/producer how your food was grown or processed directly.
  • You improve your and your families diet and nutrition by having access to fresh food.
  • Better options of chemical and antibiotic free, free range, organic, and fresh products.
  • You can find information and inspiration on how to cook and prepare fresh ingredients.


  • Cuts out the middleman allowing increased financial returns through direct selling, price control, and a regular cash flow.
  • Provides the producer with direct customer feedback on produce and prices.
  • Transport and packaging requirements are less thus reducing the producers’ costs and waste.
  • They provide a secure and regular market outlet. This is especially valuable for; new producers, producers in organic conversion, and small scale producers who are unable to produce the quantity required by supermarkets.

The Environment

  • They help reduce food miles, thus vehicle pollution, noise, and fossil fuel use.
  • They help to reduce packaging reducing waste going to our land fields.
  • They encourage more environmental production practices, such as organic or pesticide free.
  • They encourage farm diversification and hence bio-diversity and example is the different varieties of carrots or tomatoes you can find the you never see in a grocery store.

The Community & Local Economy

  • Farmers markets help bring life into communities aiding regeneration.
  • They encourage social interaction particularly between rural and urban communities.
  • They stimulate local economic development by increasing employment, encouraging consumers to support local business, and thus keeping the money within the local community.
  • They attract business to retailers in the vicinity.

They provide partnership opportunities with schools and community programs to teach the next generation about sustainability of growing our food locally.


Here’s an Infographic of the locations in Albuquerque:  (To enlarge click on the image and a new window will open then click again to zoom-in) 

My Infographic