Land Use Toolkit Project – This project was funded by the Con Alma Health Foundation and is currently funded through the Healthy Here initiative. The project team is working on a toolkit to explain the land-use permitting steps to community members so they can actively and efficiently participate in land-use decisions that affect them. This toolkit will help low-income communities and communities of color in rural and urban areas navigate the environmental regulatory processes of New Mexico. The toolkit will be pilot tested and then distributed to neighborhood associations and other community groups in Bernalillo County, NM and Doña Ana County, NM.

Our Land Our Health exists in a few forms.
This is a printable manual. Using the manual online allows you to access the many links found within the manual.

Our Land Our Health V2

Nuestra Tierra Nuestra Salud

There are also Prezi presentations with recorded audio.
Our Land Our Health part 1: Healthy Neighborhoods
Nuestra Tierra Nuestra Salud parte 1: Vecindarios Saludables
Our Land Our Health part 2: Leadership and Actual Stories
Our land Our Health part 3: Public Health and Planning
Our Land Our Health part 4: Government and Regulations

Our Streets, Our Health transportation improvement guide

Health Impact Assessments (HIAs) – The BCPM team has conducted several HIAs over the years and are currently working on a few.

Community Health Equity Report (CHER) Revision Plan – The BCPM team is in the beginning stages of updating their 2012 CHER.